CYS Services Youth Sports & Fitness (S&F) Program
We are happy to welcome you and your youth into our sports & fitness program.  The experience of your youth can be enhanced through a strong parent/staff partnership.


Triple Play:  A game plan for mind, body and soul is a dynamic new Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) initiative that demonstrates how eating right, keeping fit and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle for club members.  Club is designed for ages 6-12 and 13-18 yrs old.
Start Smart:  A program of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, teaches children the basic motor skills necessary to play organized sports while they work one-on-one with a staff member.  The program focuses on teaching children basic sports mechanics without the threat of competition of the fear of getting hurt.  Start Smart sessions are held throughout the week, and each exercise becomes increasingly more difficult as the class progresses.
Learn to Skate Program:  Sponsored by El Paso Rhinos and the El Paso Hockey Association, Mr. Tom Herman, 915-479-7825 or

Team Non-Competitive Sports
CYS Services offers a variety of team sports (co-ed) throughout the year:
• Fall/Winter - Soccer (3-18) and Basketball (5-15)
• Spring/Summer - Baseball (5-15), Basketball (5-15), Flag-Football (7-15), Volleyball (8-15), and Spring Soccer (3-15)

Team/Individual Competitive Sports
 CYS Services offers a variety of team/individual sports throughout the year:
• Fall/Winter-USA Wrestling (5-15), Basketball (5-15), Tackle Football (8-9/10-11).
• Spring/Summer-Basketball (10-14), Track & Field (8-18), Softball (age group participation will be determined by coach availability), Tennis (8-18).

Sports Club:  Is a Teen leadership group in BGCA that promotes physical fitness, self-esteem, volunteer opportunities, and improved ability to interact positively with peers.  Sports club consists of both male and female ages 13 and older.  Members meet on a regular basis to learn about issues related to sports, fitness, social recreation, and nutrition.

Medication Policy
Parents are responsible for the administration of medication please make sure you are in attendance during practices and games with needed medication.   Youth S&F staff will not administer any medications. 

Dress Policy
Youth participating in our sports and fitness programs will be required to wear appropriate attire for the sport they are enrolled in. 

Disciplinary Policy
Youth S&F staff will discipline in a consistent manner based on an understanding of individual behaviors of youth.  Any major discipline action is based on receiving a technical foul, yellow or red card, fighting, disrespecting coach/staff/officials, or being ejected from a game.
1st Strike- Sit out for a half
2nd Strike- Game suspension
3rd Strike- Action will be determined by Sports Committee and the Youth S&F Director.

Suspension Policy
Parents will be asked to remove their youth if the youth becomes unruly, uncontrollable, or if his/her conduct is such that it interferes with or harms other youth (fighting) and does not respond to Coach/Youth S&F Staff.
 a. Youth will be counseled and the parent will be notified immediately concerning uncontrollable or any incident resulting in injury, disrespecting a coach, staff, or player.
 b. In the event of suspension, the numbers of days and/or conditions for return will be determined on a case-by-case basis which can include that the parent(s) meets with the S&F Director to discuss an agreed upon intervention plan.
 c. The decision to permanently remove a youth from the any Youth Sports program will only take place after all alternatives have been explored and tested.
 d. Permanent removal will be determined by the CYS Services Coordinator and the Youth S&F Director.