Welcome to SKIESUnlimited

The name SKIESUnlimited combines the acronym for “Schools of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration & Skills” with the word “Unlimited” for the unlimited learning possibilities this exciting initiative offers Army children and youth.  SKIESUnlimited encompasses instructional programs for children and youth from infancy to adolescence i.e., four weeks through the end of their senior year in high school.  If you have questions,   concerns not addressed in this handbook or encounter any difficulties please contact the Instructional Program Specialist (IPS).

SKIESUnlimited provides a four-school framework:
          School of Academic Skills, Mentoring & Intervention
          School of Arts, Recreation & Leisure
          School of Life Skills, Citizenship & Leadership
          School of Sports, Fitness & Health

Expectations of Faculty

Student Responsibilities:

Parent Responsibilities:

Waiting Area
Each CYS Services facility has a dedicated parent waiting area.  If you are not a parent volunteer, you must remain in waiting area until class has been dismissed.  Parents are to supervise children who are not in class at all times.  Neither food nor drink is permitted in the waiting area, please eat or drink before coming into our facilities. Playgrounds may only be used when children are supervised by parent.

Children with Special Needs
Any accommodations necessary for your child’s successful experience in his/her SKIESUnlimited class will be communicated to the instructor.

Emergency Medication
Children who require emergency medications must have parents present during the class times with the emergency medications on hand. Our instructors are not allowed to give medication.

Enrollment for SKIESUnlimited classes starts on the 20th of the month prior to class and ends on the 7th of the month the student will attend.  Example: July class registration starts on June 20th and ends 7 July.  Classes run on monthly basis and you must enroll monthly.

Class Schedules and Attire
Instruction will be conducted up to three times a week depending on the type of class.  Specific dates, location and time for classes will be provided at time of enrollment.  Cancellation of a class and the make-up of that class will be addressed by the instructor.  Instructional activities may vary depending on patron interest and availability of instructor.  Most classes have a minimum number of 5 participants required in order for the class to take place.  Some classes are set up according to age groups; however instructor may advance student based on skill performance and readiness.  Each instructor will give specific guidance on attire to be worn for their class.  Attire varies depending on the type of program and instruction.  Clothing will be purchased by the student/ parent unless otherwise noted at time of enrollment.

Instructor Liability
Instructors are responsible for children participating in their program only during the time they are in actual attendance of class.  It is the responsibility of parents to care for children before and after class.  

Arrival and Departure
Students are advised not to arrive earlier than 10 minutes before class time.  Students are expected to depart the facility immediately following class.  It is the parent’s responsibility to be present or have another adult be responsible for the child/children at anytime before and after classes.

In case of injuries, faculty members will perform first aid.  The faculty member will complete an incident form and present it to the parent to sign, indicating acknowledgement of the incident.  In all cases of serious or severe injury, the child/youth will be transported by ambulance to William Beaumont Army Medical Center.  Parents will be notified immediately to go to the hospital.  Any cost incurred for emergency transit of injured child/youth is the sole responsibility of the sponsor.